Are you on Earth for incredible impact?

Feb 17, 2023

You are an absolute badass.


You are BEYOND this world, which is the only reason you’re here.


Those that are not meant for Earth, who can’t hack it because they’re simply not ready, not BIG enough, are NOT here.


So what’s going on?


Why do you feel so small, so tiny, so INSIGNIFICANT so much of the time?


Earth is a game and a school, all wrapped in one.


Every time you level up, it gets harder…


UNLESS you step out of the game and LEARN the lesson which is essentially just what you came here to do: to remember.


That you are BEYOND this physical reality.


That’s it.


And what does this mean, in practical terms?


First, it’s not about simply UNDERSTANDING this truth.


It’s about choosing that this is true for you, right now, exactly as you are “OMFG that’s right, I am BEYOND this reality. This reality is not my truth. It’s simply an experience I’m having.” AND THEN HAVING IT AS AN EXPERIENCE.


NOT as something you have to do the “right” way, which is almost always the wrong way for you. 


If you think there can’t be 8 billion plus right ways, you’re stuck in an old world paradigm. 


There are limitless right ways. 8 billion is NOTHING. LIMITLESS is EVERYTHING.


Freedom is being fully you as you are right now, fully worthy of it all. 


All of the good stuff: everything you desire but think you can’t have yet. 


First, you have to CHOOSE you are worthy of it all.


Right NOW.


Not in a few months, not after you’ve sold more stuff, created the NEXT thing that will be the be all end all thing. Right now. Exactly as you are.


Do you have to do things? YES! It’s not about not doing things. It’s about HOW and WHY you do those things.


Do them for YOU, because you can’t NOT do these things and still feel alive.


Do them because they are an expression of who you really are, and they LIGHT YOU UP to do.


And SHARE them with the world, because they are not flowing through you for nothing.


You are a messenger as well as a creator.


Show them all what’s possible.


Tell them WHY you’re sharing: because you’re choosing to be fully you, fully expressed, fully alive.


Because you’re choosing to RELEASE the worries and fears and doubts that you aren’t good enough and instead to live fully alive in this now moment. 


Sharing your sh*t is your calling. 


So share it.


But here’s the thing: along the way, you might get lost.


You might get confused.


You might forget who your sh*t’s really for.


It’s always and forever for you.


And if you forget this along the way, you will lose yourself for a while.


You’ll pick up the structures, the rules and the boxes.


You’ll try to jump in and slam the door shut on yourself.


You’ll try to shrink back down again to feel that blissful, comfortable feeling of safety.


But, oh NO! 


It doesn’t feel safe at all.


It feels tight, CONSTRICTING, like you are shrinking down.


You SCREAM, because you remember that feeling from before, that feeling of SHARING your sh*t, the sh*t you made because it felt good to make.


But no, you CANNOT do that anymore.


It’s not what the people want.


And you want what the people want, right?


You want them to like you?


To approve of you?


To pat you on the back and tell you that you’re one of them?


Oh dear, NO, that’s not what this is about.


It’s ok to be lost, as long as you keep moving towards being found.


There is no bliss in being lost, no feeling of being lit up from within.


There is no joy in everyone approving of you, of patting you on the back.


The joy is deep within, gently whispering to you that there is MORE.


There is a purpose beating in your heart, waiting to be unleashed.


But it’s not what you think.


Your purpose is you, fully unleashed. 


Fully on fire, fully alive.


And there are a lot of people who will not like this version of you.


Because they’ve got the door shut on their box, and they don’t care for you shaking them up.


They don’t want to hear the reminder of the beating of their own heart.


They don’t want to FEEL. 


They only want to numb the pain of being small and insignificant.


They don’t want to find the pathway to LIFE.


So it can’t be about them.


It HAS to be about you.


And through this ALTERNATE pathway, you will find souls who are like you.


Souls who YEARN to hear the beat of their own heart.


To lift the lid on their own box and jump out.


To SHARE their message with the world.


NOT to be famous. NOT to be rich. NOT to be liked.


But because it LIGHTS THEM UP from within.


Because it gives their life deep meaning.


Because this is who they are, who they’ve always been.


And who choose they are deserving of the money and all the other things they deeply desire right NOW, exactly as they are.


And who create for themselves, first.


You are your audience.


Love them with all your heart.


You deserve it.

 Erin Werley is a bestselling author at the forefront of spiritual awakening and ascension. Her books, One Truth, One Law: I Am, I Create and Lightworkers 101 simplify the concepts of oneness, manifestation, and energy. She has been channeling God since 2011. She uses quantum energy healing lightwork to transform your energetic footprint and move you on to the ascension timeline. Her mission is to welcome you to the ascension. Excited to learn how? Click here.