Each Day Is A New Dimension

Oct 25, 2021

Each new day that we wake up is a new quantum experience.

It seems linear, but that’s an illusion. Each sleep deposits us in another dream world when we wake up. We have all the linear memories of a time long ago.

If this is true, what ability do we have to change, to create new?

All abilities – this understanding that now is not real, now is an illusion, allows you to step outside of it and quantum leap it.

It’s happening to a character in a movie, essentially, only as God, you have the ability to change everything for this character – the scenery, the other characters, the body, the thoughts, the job, the accomplishments.

Sleep deposits us in these characters – and the more aware your character has been – the more your character has been holding quiet mental space for awareness, the more you will come to this character, the more you will create for this character, the more you will quantum leap for this character.

Very tied into the intentions we make before we fall asleep.

Each day is a new dimension.

Each day is a new dimension.

Each day is a new dimension.

If we worry about the past, we bring it into our now dimension and allow it to determine our future.

If we create our future, separate from our now, we will always be separate from that future.

Merge the future with our now, in the quite space we hold with our conscious awareness. Overlap them. Make them one.

This is how you quantum leap.

It’s what you were born to do.

And it’s easier than you think.

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