How To Ascend

Nov 09, 2021

You want to know how to ascend? How to truly do it?

Cut your heart out and lay it on the table. Bleed your truth, you soul, out for the world to see, to experience.

Locate all your deepest darkest secrets and shames and share them with the world, with the people you know and the ones you don't.

Because until you do this, you'll always be afraid of what others will think if you share your truth, and so you won't.

And your soul will continue to wither and die inside of you, hidden from the world, blocked from the light of day.

Your bitterness and passive aggressiveness will increase day by day as you wait for someone to come along and save you. You read another course and buy another book. You watch as others make ripples and then waves in the world.

You tell yourself - they're doing it, so I can too...if only I was more like them. So you read their book or buy their course, wanting to tap into their magic.

No, no, NO! Your soul screams.

Nothing like them!

Like you, you, YOU.

Your soul is unique and so is your life purpose, your soul mission.

You'll never find your truth by trying to be like someone else. By copying them and their path.

Unleash your soul.

Let it lead you on its merry dance.

You'll laugh.

You'll cry.

But most important, you'll LIVE.

Really live, from the depths of your soul, like it was designed to be.

And for the first time, that feeling, that emptiness, that knowing that "shouldn't there be more? There MUST be more, right?
Will be replaced with f yes! I'm doing it. I'm alive!!!!!!!!

So rip open your heart.

Write down the things you would never, under any circumstances, share with another living soul.

And share them.

Plaster them to your forehead. Put them all over social media. Tell your whole family at Christmas.

And once you do, you'll realize 2 things:

1. The world didn't blow up in your face. Maybe you lost one or two people you weren't aligned with anyway, but most people weren't too surprised and didn't care much - they're too busy dealing with their messed up lives to worry about your shit.

2. You are free. Now you KNOW you can officially do anything.

You have just built your knowing and began the process of unleashing your soul.

Now repeat, every single day, in the way that feels most aligned to you - words, pictures, food, inventions, creations, etc., etc., etc. The possibilities are endless, limitless.

And p..s don't worry about messing up- you will. Take it in stride and keep going.

When there's nothing left to fear - your soul is free to be, to express , to play. You have ascended.

No book or course can take the fear away. It's up to you to get comfortable bearing your soul. Because that's who you really are and exactly what you ascend into: your soul.

Sure - my book is different because it tells you the truth - YOU are God. The magic is in you. Yes, my courses are different because I don't teach you how to be like me, I teach you how to let YOUR soul out to play and experience and live.

There are others like me, too. I'm not the only one. We are here to help you remember your light and how to wield it.

But here's the thing - it's up to YOU to use my book and courses differently. To use them to take action on your soul 💜

I'm here to work with those who are ready to bear their soul and make a massive impact in the world. Those who won't stand one second more in a life that buries their truth.

If you're ready to step into your truth and would love to have someone who's been exactly where you are to hold your hand and guide you through the process, reach out to me at [email protected] and let me know that you're ready to step fully into your soul 💜