How to Create the Strongest Energy Shield

Feb 18, 2022


Why you need a shield


Oh my God, you guys, when I first started learning quantum lightwork, it was amazing....rainbows, butterflies, glitter, all the feels.


I was on top of the world. I had a wonderful, light filled teacher who was guiding me through the process, but she was just discovering how to teach what she knew, and so a lot of it I had to figure out on my own.


It was time for me to practice my newfound magic, so I left my 2 and 4 year old with my husband, closed the bedroom door, and practiced what I'd learned, performing this beautiful, sparkly lightwork on my husband.


Afterwards, I felt AWFUL. Angry, pissed off, depressed, miserable, hopeless - you name it - I was cycling through these emotions and was completely overwhelmed.


My husband, on the other hand, was the happiest I'd ever seen him. He floated around the house lighter than air. 


It didn't take me long to figure out that while my lightwork totally worked on him, I had somehow taken on his energy.


My husband is a great guy, but he had a rough childhood and most of this stuff was under the surface for him.


I remember saying to him, "I'm so sorry I never knew that you've been dealing with all this." And I meant it. He's so much stronger than I realized, putting a smile on his face every day and loving us while dealing with this torrent of energy inside, never burdening us with it.


My teacher had told me that as long as I was full of love while performing this quantum energy work, I would be totally safe and protected.


Ok, not true at all.


As soon as I figured out what had happened (energy switcheroo) I messaged my teacher desperately looking for help, relief...anything to get rid of this horrible, dense energy.


It reminded me of being in school and curling more and more into myself like a turtle as the kids around me relentlessly made fun of me day in and day out. Dense. Hopeless. Miserable. Angry.


My teacher messaged me back. She was genuinely surprised and did a good job walking me through clearing my light shift and removing the energy that wasn't mine.


I wasn't back to normal yet, but I was a lot better, at least I could breathe.


In the coming weeks, I continued to learn and receive quantum energy. I was finally back to normal. Better than normal.


And I realized that first session I'd performed on my husband, while AWFUL - was a HUGE gift.


I went within for guidance and I learned something priceless: it's not enough to be in love and high vibes when doing energy work - you need to create an energy shield or your body is open to attack or simply to absorbing everyone else's crap - and believe me - you don't want this!


I tried a lot of different types of shielding techniques, but it wasn't until I found a new lightwork mentor who understood dark energy (ixchelle link) that my shield education was complete.


How to create a shield


I recommend doing this twice a day - once when you wake up and again before you fall asleep. You should also reinforce it as needed throughout the day - especially before energy work.


Before we get started...


Everyone is different. Some people are natural visualizers. I'm not.


When people talk about just visualize the things you want, I was always shaking my head, wondering what that meant.


Lightwork has taught me that visualization is a skill you can build - by using your intention to consciously create an image of light. At first, I could only hold that image for a second. 


But, I practiced every day. Soon I could hold it for 5 seconds. Then 10. Now, almost two years later, I can hold it (on and off) for 40 minutes. I say on and off because I'm not perfect - my mind sometimes wanders. As soon as I notice it's wandered, I consciously create the image of light again.


This is the path to mental mastery.


Don't worry if you can't visualize much - or at all - yet. It's your intention that matters.

If you want to unlock higher dimensional access within the quantum field - you've got to accept something: YOU are God. That's oneness. Read my book, One Truth, One Law for a simple, thorough explanation of how the universe actually works and who you really are.


Until you accept that you are God, you'll continue to play in lower dimensions.


As God, you are here to command your creations/manifestations into existence. As a human, you are here to remember your truth, that you are God and we are all one.


Sovereignty (knowing that you are a limitless being of light /God / Source and so no one has power to make you do something you don't want to without your consent - and you don't give consent unless you genuinely want to) and being heart centered (making choices for the highest good of all and creating an abundant universe - not from your ego, which is you centered and probably creating lack, and lots of it) combined are the keys to real lightwork and unlocking higher dimensional access.


Don't worry- you don't have to be perfect- you just need to get started with the intent to move in the right direction.


You'll never get good at anything in life unless you're willing to start before you're ready.

The most powerful lightwork happens when you intentionally step into your God-self and command the universe from your heart for the highest good of all. Anything else is a watered down manifestation.


Steps to create an energy shield:


  1. Close your eyes
  2. Set this intention: I command ( from my knowing that I Am God / Source) that there's a triple layer sphere of impenetrable  protection surrounding me. Only that which is for my highest good ca n come into my sphere. Anything not for my highest good bounces off my sphere and is sent back to universal mind ( the quantum field) where it dissipates harmless, returning to light.
  3. Visualize a bubble of light surrounding you. You are CREATING it with your thoughts / intention. Do your best, if you're not a natural visualizer. You WILL get better.


I know how hard it can be to get started with this sort of thing on your own, so I've made you a clip from my high level QUANTUM LIGHTWORK ACADEMY where I lead my lightwork students through this visualization for the first time. You can download it for free here.


Lots of love, and remember, YOU are more powerful than you've ever imagined.