How To Stop Hiding Your Genius Soul

Nov 19, 2021

Have you been hiding?


That’s ok.


I did too.


For a really, really long time after I felt the truth and KNEW the truth - that we are all one and our thoughts create.


I hid.


I’ll be honest. It was easy.


I’d been hiding my whole life - I just didn’t realize it before I KNEW the truth and felt the truth.


So, hiding was easy.


Until it wasn’t.


Until my soul couldn’t take it anymore.


Until the pretending to be normal was making me sick.


Until the words I spoke felt like daggers in my heart, killing me softly.


Until my actions, the same actions I’d been taking for years, my whole life, really, felt like they were boxing me into a cage I would never escape.


It wasn’t until my soul was screaming out - no more, no more, NO MORE


That I took action.


That I took the first terrifying step to doing things differently.


Was it easy?


Hell no.


It was terrifying!


I hated every moment of it.


At the same time, I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT.


I just read this article by a heavyweight in the coaching / spirituality industry, and she said 1/1000 people who follow her will step into their soul mission and live it.


She said those who will were born knowing it.


And she’s basically given up on anyone who hasn’t and wasn’t.


But here’s the thing - I WAS NOT BORN KNOWING IT.


And so I know this is total bullshit.


I know that YOU may have acted out of fear every single day in your life up until right now, exactly as I did. And this moment, right now, my words, speaking from my soul, directly to yours, me dropping codes in to wake you up, may be the moment that changes the trajectory of your whole life.


THAT’S why I do what I do.


For YOU.


Because I was you - not too long ago.


And I know that all the moments up until this one don’t matter at all - if you choose to do things differently in this moment.


Will you be terrified?


Of course.


You’ll be shitting yourself scared.


Moving from fear to flow doesn’t happen by itself.


It takes you - doing things differently.






I cannot believe I was afraid of this.


Because all of the sudden, for the first time in your life, you’re in flow - consistently, repeatedly and reliably AND you KNOW everything is always working out for you.


The worry is gone.


The self-doubt - gone too.


Because you’ve totally recreated yourself into what’s always been possible for you.


And don’t try to tell yourself, this is bullshit, this isn’t for you.


You’re me too, we are all one, and so I KNOW this is for you, too.


The thing is, most people won’t choose it.


But you can do things differently.


You can choose to step into your power.


You can choose to wake up fully to your God-self and your soul mission.


You’ve always felt it deep inside.


That you’re meant for more.




It’s truer than true.


It’s why you appreciate genius, when you see it. 


YOU are a genius, deep inside.




Stop playing small.

Stop hiding, pretending to be insignificant.


YOU are the biggest thing there is.


You are God.


You are all that is.


Your humanity is a bonus, another level of experience.


Step into all of it.


Ride with the wind.


Throw all the reasons not to get started out the window and 



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