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I just had a bath and I feel absolutely amazing.


Let me explain!

We had to replace our bathroom vanity, because after 4 years of living in our wonderful 1950s ranch (which has never been updated), I mentioned it would be nice if the hot water flow was normal, instead of barely a trickle.

So, Phil watched a few youtube videos and ordered some parts.

We had had a plumber out last year who basically shrugged his shoulders and said he had no idea - but this vanity and sink combo is pretty old - I think it’s described as a post war something. I can’t remember, but Phil would if I asked him!

Anyway, the parts arrived and instead of fixing the problem, there was a (very!) minor flooding situation, and we decided to pull out the vanity.

It’s a big 60” vanity, and luckily it came out in three pieces, because it’s solid (heavy!) wood.

But after we had it on the driveway, we noticed something only a slight bit troubling. 

When the previous owners had retiled the bathroom, they hadn’t pulled the vanity out and retiled underneath it. Which means that there was a huge tile difference and the worst part was…

I spent hours (and hours!) searching for a replacement vanity to cover the tile difference, but I could not find one! It doesn’t exist.

So, ok, now, we’re faced with the decision (or a ton of decisions!)

Do we try again to fix our vanity?

Do we jimmy rig some tile that doesn’t quite match?

Do we pull out the newer tile and retile the whole floor under it?

Do we just go for it and do the whole bathroom, pulling out the pink 50s tile that covers every wall and even the shower ceiling?

If we do pull out the tile, what do we replace it with? Subway (cheaper) or the beautiful blue glass mosaic that makes my heart thump (not cheaper!)

We went back and forth so many times.

At one point we had decided to regrout the pink tile.

At another point, the contractor we hired was laying new tile on the floor, and we had to interrupt him and ask him, “How big of a deal would it be to decide to take down the pink tile at this point?”

And this is all in a matter of a week.

In the end, we asked I Am.

And this is what I Am said: make the decisions as the person you are creating yourself to be.

Does that person want to be regrouting pink tile that she doesn’t really like anyway, simply because it’s cheaper but will take literally forever, since the contractor doesn’t do it (for fear of breaking the tile)?

Does that person want to spend thousands on redoing everything, but not spend a few hundred more to get the blue glass mosaic tile that makes her heart thump?

Does the person I’m stepping into each day, more and more, settle for good enough just because that’s what she’s done most of her life?

Or does she decide that she gets what she wants?

Is it uncomfortable, and confusing at times, to make decisions from this new creation standpoint that I’m creating for my human experience?

Heck yes!

But it’s also exhilarating!

We only have one bathroom, because apparently in the 1950s, that’s all people needed (which I can’t wrap my head around - and I’ve given up trying to wrap my head around why I settled for 1 bathroom 4 years ago when we bought this house - I guess because I know that four years ago I had no idea that it was ok to want more for myself. It felt selfish - it felt wrong. But now I KNOW, that this is the path to service to the world and living my life purpose, my soul mission.

So, we haven’t had a shower since Monday, and today I had the amazing idea that I’m actually super proud of - to bring a giant plastic storage tub up from the basement and fill it with water from the kitchen sink.

The kids took a bath and had sooo much fun doing it that way.

Then, I took one and I washed my hair - DAMN that felt good!

I felt so empowered.
Honestly, I feel amazing.

To know that the business I’ve created supports my family and I during crazy plumbing situations.

Even while the contractor was explaining why it’s going to cost more than they quoted (the walls are plaster, not drywall, because, you know, 1950s) sales were coming to my email all day.

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And yes…

Quantum Money Business Blueprint

What a fucking difference from a few years ago…

When I would have felt all the bad feelings about a contractor telling me it was going to cost more.

Today, I felt relief and IMMENSE GRATITUDE that I didn’t have to worry about where the money was going to come from.

I’m grateful to each and every one of you.

For being on this journey with me.

You are amazing, and you’re here with me because what you see in me, is dying to come out of you, too.

You are here to create.

You are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined - and the universe WANTS you to have your version of blue glass mosaic tile - whatever makes your heart thump 💜


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Love, light and infinite blessings!