The Hidden Meaning of Angel Number 1234

Oct 10, 2022

If you’re seeing the number 1234 everywhere you look, it’s not an accident! And you’re not going crazy, either. This is a message of divine guidance from the angelic realm. Angel number 1234 is a really good sign! 


The Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 1234


To understand the spiritual meaning of angel number 1234, think of it like two footsteps behind you and two in front of you. You’re being guided by the spiritual realm that you’ve been moving in the right direction - the last few steps you’ve taken have been spot on. As you continue to take action in this direction, you will be supported to create what you desire. Know that what you desire and have been moving towards is in perfect alignment with where your soul has been leading you. Angel number 1234 is a message of huge congratulations and encouragement. Even though you’re not where you want to be yet, you soon will be. 


Angel Number 1234 In Your Daily Life


In your everyday life, angel number 1234 means that you’ve been moving more and more towards your life purpose. The angels want you to recognize that the steps you’ve been taking have not been in vain, and that you’ve been following divine guidance. There’s been some doubt within you, though, and with angel number 1234 the angels want you to know that you’re not alone, and that you have indeed been moving in the best possible direction. Angel number 1234 also means there’s probably been some resistance from family and friends about the actions you’ve been taking, that have been increasing your doubt. The angels want you to trust them as you keep moving forward, and know that they are sending you supporting energy to navigate this time in your life.


Angel Number 1234 In Your Love Life


In your love life, angel number 1234 means that you’ve been laying the foundations within yourself to create your dream relationship with your soulmate. Angel number 1234 means that as long as you keep taking care of yourself and your needs, your soulmate is on the way. For some, that’s going to be a new relationship, and for others, your current partner is transforming to meet your elevated energy vibration. Either way, love is in the air. A huge message of encouragement to continue taking great care of yourself and your energy, as this puts in you in the best possible position to be in the most magical relationship of your life!


Angel Number 1234 In Your Work


In your career/work, angel number 1234 means that you’ve been working on your skills and knowledge, becoming more valuable to the workforce. The angelic realm is celebrating all the work you’ve put in. They’re positioning you to receive your dream career, but it’s up to you to keep your eyes and ears open to opportunities around you. Your angels are letting you know you may be making a career move soon, and to know that due to your hard work, you will be upleveling in many ways. When you see an opportunity that lights you up from the inside, take action! Your angels are with you, supporting you every step of the way. 


What’s Next After Angel Number 1234


When you notice angel number 1234 multiple times during the day, take a moment to silently thank your angels for their guidance. They love you so much and are so excited to connect with you!


After you’ve acknowledged this angel number and its meaning, keep your eyes open for a new number sequence dropping in soon. The more you trust in the angels and the spiritual realm, the more magic and miracles drop into your life.

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And remember, YOU are more important than you’ve ever imagined.





 Erin Werley is a bestselling author at the forefront of spiritual awakening and ascension. Her books, One Truth, One Law: I Am, I Create and Lightworkers 101 simplify the concepts of oneness, manifestation, and energy. She has been channeling God since 2011. She uses quantum energy healing lightwork to transform your energetic footprint and move you on to the ascension timeline. Her mission is to welcome you to the ascension. Excited to learn how? Click here.