Mar 10, 2023

If you don’t understand this truth, spirituality and manifestation are going to confuse the crap out of you.


Why are most people so lost and confused when it comes to spirituality and manifestation?


They’re operating on an absolute that is not WHOLE. 


Their absolute might be accurate, but without the other part of the picture, it gives them a skewed perception of what is actually happening in the universe and how to create change in their lives. 


Here’s one absolute that is true: we are all God. God is the core of each of us. God has no needs. To God, all is well. When we feel anything other than perfectly well, we are not tapped into our Godself. When we feel blissful, we ARE tapped into our Godself.


Many people get lost thinking this is the goal, without realizing that there’s another aspect to us.


Can this be the goal without any other aspects? 


Yes, but then you are effectively opting out of society completely, because you are choosing to have no needs and you love everything and everyone equally. God cannot feel love for one individual person, because God feels love for ALL equally. You will actually begin vibrating so differently than a human that you will transcend our physical reality. While this is a possible choice, it’s not why you chose to come to Earth. AND, it’s exactly what will happen when you die. You don’t need to achieve it, because you already ARE it. 


The second absolute that is true: You are on Earth as a SOUL. Your soul is created by God but is individual (separate from oneness) with an individual purpose. You are here to create that purpose, which is your blueprint. Your soul has needs and desires that will lead you to create your blueprint, if you trust where you are being led and take consistent action.


To be successful on Earth as a HUMAN, your mission is to create with your soul’s blueprint through creative ACTION and to balance that with time spent with your Godself, not needing anything at all. Just being.


If you do not have balance here, you will feel uncomfortable, painful emotions that occur to guide you to take steps that will bring you back into balance.


Too much soul led action without connection back to God within will lead you to burnout. This looks like doing, doing, doing all day, running around like a chicken with its head cut off, never spending a quiet moment alone just being.


Too much connection to God within (while still participating in society) without action on creating your soul’s blueprint will lead you to feeling blocked and frustrated. This looks like spending all day meditating, then never taking physical world action on the guidance that comes through.


I have been all over the map here. And I can say with absolute certainty that a lit up life comes from a balance of being and soul led action. It’s also where the money and the love and the vibrant health comes from. 


Quiet, listen, trust, action, repeat. 


Don’t give up when it takes time. It WILL take time for the old version of you who has been created to fully drop away and step into the new, vibrant, connected you.


Are you here on Earth to pass time pleasantly or to have a lit up life?


And remember, YOU are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined 💜





 Erin Werley is a bestselling author at the forefront of spiritual awakening and ascension. Her books, One Truth, One Law: I Am, I Create and Lightworkers 101 simplify the concepts of oneness, manifestation, and energy. She has been channeling God since 2011. She uses quantum energy healing lightwork to transform your energetic footprint and move you on to the ascension timeline. Her mission is to welcome you to the ascension. Excited to learn how? Click here.