This Is The Point Of Your Inner Voice

Nov 26, 2021

You are worthy because you are.


You are loved because you are.

And no one decision will stop the forces of heaven and earth from conspiring in your favor.

Feel the pain.


Feel the worry.


Feel the what ifs.

And know - none of it matters. It’s the past. And so - it no longer is.

1. You can change the past - if you choose.

  1. Bring yourself into the present. The NOW. Gratitude. Love. Joy. Pain. Surrender. Surrender. Surrender.

Life is not meant to be rainbows, butterflies and the garden of eden all the time.

That is not humanity - and you know this - deep in your core.

You must go out and take risks. You must experience. You must start before you’re ready.

Through this you will learn and grow and have so much for yourself to share.

Enlightenment isn’t about non-stop bliss. 


It’s about keeping your faith and continuing to build your knowing in the unseen forces of the universe who are conspiring in your favor.

It’s about standing in your sovereignty as you stand for the sovereignty of all.

It’s about trusting that niggling feeling - even if everyone tells you you’re crazy.

And above all, it’s about trusting your inner voice, even if your body is betraying you.

Others can get to your energy body.

But they can’t take your inner voice from you.

It’s ALWAYS your God-self and sovereignty that you build your trust in.

You are led, yes, to teachers and guides who will help you build that trust, but you KNOW it’s not right to stay forever. And that when you learn their lessons, receive their codes, you will leave to stand on your own.

The ones who haven’t evolved as far won’t understand. Because they believe you need them. 


But those souls who KNOW you need nothing but trust in yourself, and that’s all they were ever there to lead you to anyway, they will rejoice when you say goodbye, because they will know that you have strengthened your trust in your inner self, and that they have accomplished their goal.

Never fear leaving a teacher - fear staying too long.

Never stay with one who won’t teach, but wants to feed you fish all day.

One day they will be gone, and so will their fish, and you will be bereft and alone, with no idea how to fish.


But if you learn to tap into your own guidance, to trust, really trust that guidance, the sky isn’t the limit. The limits fall away. You step into your infinite potential. 


And this is what you will learn when you step into your potential:

The point of this life isn't to get enough money to relax on the beach while people feed mimosas to you and a spiritual guru feeds you good energy and all your needs are taken care of.


The point is to LIVE. To take risks. To take chances. To forget about safe, because it never really existed anyway.

The point is to let yourself feel heartbreak, joy, and everything in between.

And while you’re loving and therefore FEELING - not dulling yourself to it all because feeling is BIG - it’s scary, and we are programmed/conditioned to stuff it down inside.

So while you’re living and therefore FEELING - let your soul out and create.

Because that’s how to heal. Feeling and EXPRESSING these feelings. Letting them bubble up to feel and then sharing them.


It’s not about helping others. It’s about showing them what’s possible. Showing them it’s possible to live with FEELING. To live and shine.

And no decision will ever change that because you always have now, the present moment, to create in. 


So I ask you, are you ready to go deep into your inner voice, your inner guidance and learn to trust it?


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I CANNOT wait to share this magic with you 💜