Two Big Problems With The Law Of Attraction

Oct 13, 2022

 I've spent many miserable years trying to figure out how to make the law of attraction work for me…


Spoiler alert! The law of attraction does not always work. 


I'm going to show you why the law of attraction doesn’t always work and what you need to do to fix it. 


Hi, I'm Erin Werley and I Channel God.


It was 2010 when I first watched The Secret and my jaw literally hit the floor when I learned about the law of attraction. I could feel so much truth there. I wanted to know all about it, most specifically I wanted to know how to manifest buckets full of money.


My husband and I were very close to being evicted from our beautiful beachfront apartment in Virginia Beach. Everything seemed like it was crumbling all around us. 


I started using the Law of Attraction and it was great at first. Every time we went to Walmart, I was manifesting a perfect parking spot. I could feel that it was true. I could see the results that it was true but then I kept trying to manifest money that would actually change my life. Let's be honest, a great parking space is nice but it's not life-changing.


I couldn't figure out how to manifest money, even though I was spending 30 minutes a day meditating and visualizing. I was in a pretty relaxed state most of the time. Why wasn't the law of attraction working for me? I was sick of none of the things I actually wanted beyond the easy things manifesting so I gave up.


I put it all in the past. My husband and I went to nursing school. We became RNs and I just forgot about it until I was awoken again and God showed me what to do. 


There's a lot more going on than the Law of Attraction would have you believe.


There are TWO main problems with the Law of Attraction. Now that's not to say that there's not more problems because there are and if you're interested in that let me know below if I should make a video on everything else too.


Problem Number one  is we think it's just our mind that we have to fix. It's just our thoughts that suck. 


One thousand percent we have to adjust our perception which then adjusts our thoughts. Yes, but the fact of the matter is we aren't just minds. We are whole complete physical beings which means we each have: 

  • a mind - connection to the infinite

  • an energy field, an aura that surrounds and permeates our body - connection to the infinite

  • a physical body

 It's these three things that have to work in concert together to create the things that you want to create in your life. 


For most of my life I had no idea that I had an energy field, so I was literally dragging it like a ball and chain behind me. Even after I learned about the law of attraction and I started changing my thoughts, I still had no idea that I could interact with my energy field.


You're very likely to have energetic blockages that act like a boulder that are positioned right in front of you and no matter how much you try to move forward and out of your old patterns these energy blockages are there. You just can't push energetic blockages away. The only way to remove these energetic blockages is to work with your energy field. It's not going to happen simply through your thoughts.


When I started working with my energy field as well as my thoughts, it was like I could just gently pick this boulder up and remove it. We're all God. Every single one of us is the universe - the universe is inside of us, which means we all have the ability to bring inner genius through us. But when we have these energy blockages, they’re literally blocking the flow energy.


Energy is constantly in motion. It's this beautiful flow state but every single blockage in your field stops this flow.


The further I went into energy work the more I was in the flow of my inner genius. The more confidence I had and the more copies of my book I sold. Everything started working in concert for me. I call this the symphony of the universe and it's either working for you or it's working against you.


Problem Number two with the law of attraction is it's all about the positives. Positives are great and we need the positives but the law of attraction also teaches you to ignore the negatives. To act like they're not there just stuff them away, stuff them down where you won't notice them because if you do notice them they're going to get you in trouble. You’ll manifest more of that into your life. If you don't want to manifest that garbage just ignore it.


To become a powerful Creator and manifester, you need to have the guts to look that stuff in the eye. Face the negatives that have been running in your mind and energy field for lifetimes, grab it by the root and remove it.


Often law of attraction teachers sell you on hypnosis stuff. I'm not saying hypnosis doesn't work because hypnosis does work.  But it only works to a degree and there's a really specific reason for that. 


One of the major life objectives for our souls and the reason that we come here to Earth is to learn and grow. If we're letting a hypnotherapist remove all of the negative stuff that we've accumulated over lifetimes is that going to actually help us learn and grow? No.


When we're relying on the experts to solve our problems for us, we are actually signaling to the universe that we need to learn more lessons and we need to overcome more obstacles. So send the obstacles, send the energetic blocks my way so that maybe I'll wake up and recognize them and start stepping into my own sovereignty. 


What you’re actually here to do on Earth is to step into your sovereignty. Sovereignty is based on the concept of Oneness. That we are all God, that we are all one, that we are all connected. 

Sovereignty is when you recognize that no one else knows better than you do what is right for you. It doesn't mean that  you don't go to experts but it means you recognize when your inner voice, your inner guidance is saying this isn't the right message for you. When you recognize that you are a sovereign being you know that you don't need anyone else to fix you.


You are here on planet Earth to learn about your power, not the expert's power. You want to manifest an amazing life? Then you need to learn how to step into your power. Stop using the experts to handle all the bad stuff for you to become the master that you were born to be.


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 Erin Werley is a bestselling author at the forefront of spiritual awakening and ascension. Her books, One Truth, One Law: I Am, I Create and Lightworkers 101 simplify the concepts of oneness, manifestation, and energy. She has been channeling God since 2011. She uses quantum energy healing lightwork to transform your energetic footprint and move you on to the ascension timeline. Her mission is to welcome you to the ascension. Excited to learn how? Click here.