Weekly Guidance November 1, 2022

Nov 01, 2022

I know there are days you want to cry and days you want to sing.


That sometimes it all feels so unfair and other times it feels so divinely guided.


That the physical world is full of a beautiful duality.


Light and dark


Day and night


Good and evil


Right and wrong


Like you and different than you


What if this doesn’t mean that it’s all wrong, that you’re not good enough and that the world is crumbling…


What if it means that you’ve come here to live, and this is what living looks like?


Go within and ask this question:


“Can I still be holy while experiencing duality?”


You will find the answer is yes, 1000 times yes.


That you are divine whether you are miserable or blissful.


That you are the light of the world experiencing all that is through the lens of your individual soul. 


But, you say, “I want to feel good all the time! I don’t like feeling bad.”


Your feelings, your emotions are an important part of your internal compass, letting you know whether or not you’re moving in the direction of your life purpose.


If you’re not feeling how you’d like, don’t run away from the feeling.


Let yourself feel it. 


Ask yourself what it means. Go deeper. And even deeper still. What memories, thoughts or images are attached to this feeling. Where’s it coming from?


Is there something you’re being asked to release or to change?


This is guidance just as much as a voice in your head or an image in your mind.


Move in the direction of more joy. 


Sometimes you will feel guilty for choosing to release that which does not bring you joy.


If you resist, you signal to the universe that you do not desire more joy. That frustration, anger or sadness is perfectly fine with you.


This world is very much choose your own adventure. 


If you spend some time every day doing something you enjoy, you will create more and more room to hold more and more joy.


But if you spend all your time in the lower emotions, you’re likely to create more.


This isn’t about fighting what is, it’s about choosing who you are.


This week, you’re asked to be honest about where you could spend more time creating joy, but have been making excuses and staying in the lower. Begin to correct where you have not been truthful with yourself. 


Your soul is getting louder, calling you to your life purpose.


There will be many emotions to wade through in the next few weeks, all of them assisting you to shed what is no longer aligned so that you will feel more naturally confident in sharing your light with the world. 


Next Tuesday is a blood moon, the first ever in an American election. Collective emotions running up to this astrological event, and for days afterward will be heightened. 


This is nothing to fear, and is happening for the collective to shed what is no longer aligned with the higher frequency the Earth is moving into. 


Be easy with yourself, and those around you. Take time for yourself to relax and simply be, coming back within, having fun, playing. If you allow yourself to reside on autopilot, it will be more difficult to weather this storm. But if you bring in some conscious time of enjoyment daily, it will feel much easier and more in alignment as a divine event. 


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And remember, YOU are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined 💜





 Erin Werley is a bestselling author at the forefront of spiritual awakening and ascension. Her books, One Truth, One Law: I Am, I Create and Lightworkers 101 simplify the concepts of oneness, manifestation, and energy. She has been channeling God since 2011. She uses quantum energy healing lightwork to transform your energetic footprint and move you on to the ascension timeline. Her mission is to welcome you to the ascension. Excited to learn how? Click here.