Weekly Guidance October 18, 2022

Oct 18, 2022

This week, new passions are being awakened within you. While these energies may bring up fears, know that they are happening FOR you and will bring you more power to manifest your desires. Take a deep breath, release the fear and lean into the new things that are lighting you up. Even if these new interests feel foreign to you, know you are becoming who you were always meant to be.


The willingness to trust where you are being led is all that matters. It’s not about being perfect, just about getting started on this new journey. If you delay out of fear, you may miss out on true divine timing.


You are God, source, the universe. Your power is right there, under the surface. Your life is incredibly important to all that is, as are your choices. Remember who you are and how powerful you are as you step into this next level of your journey. 


Your past does NOT define you.


Leave the past in the past.


Your power is coming through this week as trusting that you are capable of being more than you’ve been. Through trusting in this power, you will begin to transform yourself, but also become of great service to the human collective. 


Step into your power, now. 


You came to Earth to change the world.


Release the ideas of others, who are changing the world their way. Say no to needing to be like them to make a difference.


You may discover more of who you really are by coming at your problems from a fresh, creative viewpoint. How can you make this situation more YOU?


You are in your most divine form when you are the real YOU, authentic, honest and raw. 


Come back to your body. You are needed in the physical world, your presence here is so important, to bring the nonphysical and physical together through your mind, body and energy.


You are stronger than you know. 


You are more supported than you know. 


You are more loved than you know.


And remember, YOU are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined.


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