Weekly Guidance October 25, 2022

Oct 24, 2022

Go within!

Trust the message that you’ve been receiving.

Don’t wait for more signs, more proof, more agreement…

It’s time for you to take a leap of faith. 

You have fears that if you do that, you may not be successful. 

But your guidance is telling you, one way or another, you will be supported.

You may want to continue to work on yourself instead of taking this leap of faith.

This week, know that you’ve already done the inner work. 

You have transformed in many ways within.

Now, it’s time to radiate that change outward.

Following your inner guidance can make you feel vulnerable, 

But this path of trust will bring greater rewards than you can imagine.

Deep healing and manifestation power coming through you on this path…

You may be tempted to try to create smaller change in an effort to not have to take this leap of faith.

But your destiny is much bigger, and so when you leap, reach for the stars.

Make your leap so big that it’s only possible with the assistance of the universe.

There is probably something standing in your way, stopping you from getting started…

But it’s not actually a problem. It’s exactly what you need to spur you on to take this leap of faith.

It’s happening for you, although it may feel very uncomfortable right now.

Release what needs to be released to take your leap.

Let it go…

You didn’t come to Earth to play small.
You came here to change the world, to birth a new age.

Take your leap of faith, and answer the call from within.


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And remember, YOU are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined.



 Erin Werley is a bestselling author at the forefront of spiritual awakening and ascension. Her books, One Truth, One Law: I Am, I Create and Lightworkers 101 simplify the concepts of oneness, manifestation, and energy. She has been channeling God since 2011. She uses quantum energy healing lightwork to transform your energetic footprint and move you on to the ascension timeline. Her mission is to welcome you to the ascension. Excited to learn how? Click here.