Weekly Guidance September 16, 2022

Sep 16, 2022

You are not alone. You are part of an ancient race of soul warriors. Some have been here on Earth for many lifetimes, while others have come from another place to Earth, to bring the light and seed the transition to New Earth. 


Your inner power is stronger than all that feels wrong in the world. You are stronger than the battles you face. 


All of the feelings you’ve experienced during your lifetime have served as evidence that you come from another place and another time. The feeling that you don’t belong. That you are different.


You do belong, but to so much more than you’ve been led to believe.


You are here for this lifetime to be of service to humanity and to step into the full power of your light.


We on Earth are rapidly leaving the past in the past and stepping into the unknown. Do not fear, no matter what others are doing or saying around you. Come back to your limitless truth. Go within. Sit quietly with yourself until you remember that all is well, and that this is just one experience in limitless lifetimes. 


The unknown is bright and full of light.


Psychic gifts are coming on line at unprecedented rates for everyone who wishes to experience them, even if in the past this seemed difficult or impossible for you. Your desire to access more of the nonphysical is a divine desire. Trust that when you go within now, and begin to communicate with the nonphysical, more will come through than ever before.


Everything that hasn’t made sense in the past is beginning to come together to show you more of who you really are and what you are capable of. This is all happening to assist YOU in creating New Earth.


If you have longed for a home far away from Earth, that longing has been creating this home in New Earth. 


If you have longed to find your soul tribe, that longing has been creating this soul tribe in New Earth.


Your mission is twofold: go within with the intention to access the nonphysical realm and all the inner guidance available to you AND use your gifts and your wisdom that you carry inside to uplift others while the world around crumbles. 


Grand gestures are not necessary. Rather, it’s the small daily actions that will add up to make a tremendous difference. 5 minutes of meditation here, 2 minutes of smiling at your neighbors and hugging your friends there. Choosing every day to be consistent in these small practices. 


If you feel fear, do not worry. You are strong enough to come back to the light and trust that all is unfolding divinely.


You are more than prepared, but you must look within to find your direction. The ancient wisdom within will help guide you to flourish in the unknown, and you will act as a pillar of light for those who are not yet awake.


Whether this message resonates with you or whether you’re looking around, wondering who it is for, because it couldn’t possibly be for you…


Remember, there are no accidents, no coincidences. The messages that are meant for you always find their way to you.


Your presence here on Earth during this time, the painful experiences in your past, and the feeling that there must be more all serve as guides to show you the truth….


You are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined.


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