Weekly Guidance September 23, 2022

Sep 23, 2022

No matter what you’re experiencing right now, it’s all going to work out in the end.


You’re going to be just fine.


You’re going through a massive expansion, in so many ways.


As part of this expansion, there will be days where it feels like you’re taking ten steps backwards.


There will be days where you wonder if you’ve been wrong all along.


There will be days where you don’t want to make any decisions.


There will be days where you feel the truth flowing through you.


There will be days full of joy and play.


And it’s all ok. It’s all part of the journey of life.


Honor yourself and what you most need today and every day.


Your internal compass is stronger than you realize.




And rest when you are guided.


This journey you have embarked on is the culmination of many lifetimes, but will also be the culmination of many days.


All you have to do is keep moving forward in the direction of your internal compass. Slow and steady, not all at once. 


Give yourself the rest you need this weekend. Play. Experience. Dance. Laugh. Love. This is a weekend to truly BE you and perhaps to discover exactly what being you means.


And remember, YOU are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined.


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 Erin Werley is a bestselling author at the forefront of spiritual awakening and ascension. Her books, One Truth, One Law: I Am, I Create and Lightworkers 101 simplify the concepts of oneness, manifestation, and energy. She has been channeling God since 2011. She uses quantum energy healing lightwork to transform your energetic footprint and move you on to the ascension timeline. Her mission is to welcome you to the ascension. Excited to learn how? Click here.