Weekly Guidance September 9, 2022

Sep 09, 2022

Now is the time to go within, deeper than ever before. The nonphysical world is waiting to support you and guide you. 


You have probably traveled many times to the world of your dreams, but you are being asked to travel somewhere you may have been avoiding. To the world of the past…your younger self and that of your ancestral line. To receive the joy still alive in so many memories. To learn the lessons available to you and to release the pain, the anger, the hurt. To see it all. To bear witness. And to be that which you really are, the one with the power to wave a wand of light and release it all. 


This journey within is a deep reminder that being human is a divine gift, and that no matter how difficult the times you and your ancestors have faced in the past, no matter how much change and crumbling may have occurred, still your hearts and your line continued on. 


Our Earth is a gift to humanity, and offers so much support to us on our journeys. Do not forget that you are never alone. Just as you can close your eyes and access the nonphysical, you can step outside your door and access the abundant gifts of nature and the Earth. 


You are God, you are a divine channel, you are here to uplift the world and those around you, but first you must lift yourself up. This begins with releasing all the baggage of the past you’ve been dragging around for so many lifetimes. Witness it. Release it. 


Change is coming to us all, and this journey within will show you the truth: you are strong enough to handle everything that comes your way. You always have been, even if you sometimes forget this truth. 


When faced with fear, you will choose love. Even if you haven’t in the past, you are changing on a cellular level. And you will choose love over fear as you move forward. 


You are not your past. 


You are an eternal being of light. You are God. You are a limitless creator.


Just as you are changing on a cellular level, the Earth is changing too. 


The Earth is releasing the war, the famine, the pain of the past.


We are all stepping into a new future, where so much is unknown. 


Do not fear the future, as it is a bright light that promises so many blessings, so many joys.


Step boldly on your path, beautiful soul.

And remember, YOU are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined.

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