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Has the magic and power of eclipse season been calling to you, whispering that there is more…


More to experience?


More to be?


Lunar and solar eclipses are some of the most powerful energetic alchemists and expanders for the human collective here on Earth, and while you will benefit from this energy simply by being present here on Earth…


I’ve been guided that there is SO MUCH MORE available to us…


If we have the courage to dive in deep to the magic of the eclipses.


Because while the ENTIRE human collective is ascending, that ascension process for many is INCREDIBLY messy and painful.


And even for those of us who are on path, there is no way to escape the purge and release process as we let go of what isn’t in alignment with who we really are.


But there IS a way to go deeper into trust and magic on this path…


A way to experience the release as a beautiful upgrade, as EXACTLY what you came here for…


Good and bad do not exist,


But trust and fear do…


And those who trust, they go deeper and deeper and deeper into the experience of “Everything is happening for me, to assist in my expansion into the life of my dreams, where my energy uplifts and transforms the world around me.”


And what if that’s exactly why we’re here together in this now moment?


Because we are both called…


But even more, because we FEEL this connection to each other AND to all that is…to the oneness that beats in our hearts, reminding us that that there is SO MUCH MORE to this world than meets the eye.

 The FOUR ELEMENTS are within each of us, reflecting what’s within, without….


But for those of us who were born on Earth, who were born into the matrix and all the lack programming, the sacred geometry of these 4 elements within has been distorted.

This eclipse season is divine timing to REALIGN THE SACRED ELEMENTS WITHIN…


Realigning you to your highest timeline.


Dissolving those timelines that are lower to make space for the embodiment of the highest version of you…


The version you KNOW is in there, often hiding, sometimes peeking out…


The version of you who feels FULLY EMBODIED in power, courage, and CONFIDENCE…


The version of you who does not live in fear, but instead walks BOLDLY forward…


Trusting that all is well in every step.

I’ve been guided to work with I Am within, the Arcturians (higher vibrational beings) and the Angelic Realm this eclipse season to create four POWERFUL, life changing energy activations, each one realigning one of the four elements within you…allowing you to vibrate at the frequency of wholeness, changing and upgrading the outside world…


This will be some of the most powerful energy work I’ve been called to do, and I CANNOT wait.

Join me live, or watch the replays (which you’ll have lifetime access to). Either way is fine, as this work is NOT physical, and as such you don’t need to be present live to benefit. This energy work is created in the quantum field, universal mind, and is JUST as powerful - whenever you feel called to tune in - as the moment it was created.

When you purchase your lifetime access ticket to the

Four Elements Eclipse Alchemy,

you’ll get access to four live zoom calls (plus the replays):

Water Quantum Energy Alchemic Activation

Fire Quantum Energy Alchemic Activation

Air Quantum Energy Alchemic Activation

Earth Quantum Energy Alchemic Activation

And your life will NEVER be the same again!




We begin on the Lunar Eclipse, March 24, 2024. Click below to join me!

Four Elements: Eclipse Alchemy


One-time Payment


Four Elements: Eclipse Alchemy


4 monthly payments




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