This St. Patrick’s Day Weekend ONLY, get the Magic Bundle of 3 of my bestselling courses for 80% OFF!!!!


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Inside the Magic Bundle, you get immediate access to:

Soul Mission: Activation Sequence


Receive 4 downloadable mp3s with nothing for you to do besides press play as I use quantum lightwork to:

  • Energetically activate your psychic gifts with a third eye activation

  • Activate your confidence and bravery with a higher self activation

  • Activate your soul mission

  • Activate your ability to receive and hold more cash money so that you have the resources to bring your soul mission to life!

Cord Cutting & Clearing Energy Activation

Release the dense, lower vibrational energy within your field. The CORD CUTTING & CLEARING ACTIVATION will give you access to the same energy work I use for private clients to remove attachments to people or things that are not serving your highest good, remove dark energy and entities from your field and remove any contracts and vows giving away your sovereignty in this or past lives.

Lightworkers 101


Lightworkers 101 is simple. One class a week for eight weeks. Just minutes of practice per day. Each week’s lessons build on the previous week. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to confidently perform REAL quantum lightwork on yourself, your family, your pets, your home and even clients, if you so choose.

Take a peek inside:

•   Class 1: Shielding
Surround yourself with an impenetrable shield that negative energy can’t get through


•   Class 2: Light
Draw energy up from the crystalline core of the Earth and down from your unique soul star within the quantum field, filling your body with the highest frequency light


•   Class 3: Going Quantum
Learn how to open a field within the quantum

•   Class 4: Beings of the Highest Vibration
Learn all about who your light teams, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters and Arcturians actually are and how to work with them in the quantum

•   Class 5: Intentions
Learn how to use the power of your intentions to quantum shift whatever you’d like in all nows, for your highest good and the highest good of humanity

•   Class 6: Clearing
Learn how to clear all forms of negative, dark, dense energy from your field, including entities, ghosts, shadows – anything and everything that is not for your highest good

•   Class 7: Resetting
Learn to use frequency, including light language and color rays, to return yourself to wholeness and remember who you really are

•   Class 8: Expansion
Learn how to use light codes to expand your personal energy matrix from that of the old, third dimensional human, to that of the new, fifth dimensional human who can hold tremendous amounts of light

•  Bonus:
Each of the 8 classes includes a powerful quantum energy session, where you’ll receive quantum activations, expansions, attunements, light codes, DNA upgrades and sacred geometry restructuring.

•   House Clearing and Shielding Masterclass: Do you have a problem keeping your home organized and tidy? It’s probably not your fault, it’s more likely that there’s negative energies behind it. Learn to remove negative energy and entities and shield your home from further intrusions, and then flood your home with light.

LIFETIME ACCESS to everything included in this bundle!


This St. Patrick’s Day Weekend ONLY, get the Magic Bundle of 3 of my bestselling courses for 80% OFF!!!!

Regular Price $1643. Now only, $337!

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