What If You Could Tap Into Your


In Just 15 Minutes?

Most people going through a spiritual awakening know there has to be more to life and are trying to tap into their divine power, but there’s a huge problem...


No matter what they try, they stay stuck in a toxic cycle of self-doubt and second guessing their intuition.


They want so badly to find the mystical flow, but in reality they’re just trying desperately to hang on and survive each day.


They can't jet off to Tibet for a year and learn from monks, so they’re stuck trying to meditate or do yoga with kids climbing all over them.

Most people going through a spiritual awakening know there has to be more to life and are trying to tap into their divine power, but there’s a huge problem...


No matter what they try, they stay stuck in a toxic cycle of self-doubt and second guessing their intuition.


They want so badly to find the mystical flow, but in reality they’re just trying desperately to hang on and survive each day.


They can't jet off to Tibet for a year and learn from monks, so they’re stuck trying to meditate or do yoga with kids climbing all over them.

With real life front and center, most people don't have the time or energy to figure out how to make the magic of the universe work for them, right!?


Fortunately for you… I’ve found a simple, clear path to turning on your spiritual and psychic gifts.

I’m a Quantum Energy Master, Bestselling Spiritual Awakening Author & Ascension Guide. 


But... my life wasn't always like this!


I wasn't born with my spiritual gifts turned on....so I spent the first thirty years of my life lost and confused, feeling like everyone else had it figured out and the best I could do was to pretend to be like them and paste a smile on my face.

I didn't believe in myself and after a lifetime of bullying and cystic acne, my self confidence was no where to be found.


I finally got fed up with that life, and I went on a quest for more. After eleven years spent growing my confidence and clarity in my intuition and soul mission, I know how frustrating it can be to move forward and take action when you’re just not sure how, there’s no real path, and everyone seems to have different advice about what worked for them. 


Now I help REGULAR people connect to the unique magic INSIDE of themselves - bringing their soul gifts online.


I’ve worked with so many amazing souls who were completely unaware they were blocking their gifts from dropping into their life, and they all had one thing in common – like me, they had spent years believing that this sort of stuff works for other people, but it probably wouldn't work for them. 


They didn’t have the ability to live like the spiritual gurus (who never seem to have kids!) and jet off to Tibet for a year to learn from monks, or level up by wrestling tigers in Bali. It wasn’t practical for them to color their hair pink and tattoo their whole body to be “authentic".


The good news is, through myself and my clients, I’ve found that none of this is necessary – we just think it is. 


Instead, all you need to do is activate the right potentials in your energy field – and you can do this right in your living room, surrounded by piles of plastic toys and cereal crushed into the carpet.

And because I get that you're probably busy like me, I created Soul Mission: Activation Sequence so you don't even have to DO anything (no classes to watch, journal entries to write, exercises to do daily) - just come with an open mind, press play and give me 15 minutes. 

A series of quantum energy audios designed to activate your life's purpose, now.

Yes, I'm Ready To Discover My Soul Mission

The perfect system for anyone who wants to unlock the magic of the universe and find a deep, soul-level fulfillmentbut is sick of...


- Reading piles of books

- Journaling until their eyes bleed and their hand aches 

- Meditating daily


Within your personal energy field, which surrounds your physical body, lies limitless potential. In fact, the potential for you to do, be or have anything lies in this magical field.


The only problem is, if you’re like most people, you’ve got all the normal, ordinary, boring stuff switched on, along with plenty of fear and self-doubt. 


Imagine if you had on-demand access to an mp3 that could switch off the self-doubt and fear and turn on confidence, clarity, intuition, higher-self embodiment and activate your deepest, most soul-aligned mission?


What if it was as simple as flipping a switch? 


With Soul Mission: Activation Sequence, it IS that easy!

Soul Mission: Activation Sequence is a series of three downloadable audios that connect you with your higher self through a magical combination of quantum energy, guided meditation, visualization, binural beats and affirmations. 


The Soul Mission Activation process combines ancient wisdom from many different cultures across time into one powerful step-by-step process so anyone can easily tap into their own personal soul mission in as little as 15 minutes or less! And best of all – it feels absolutely amazing – mystical, magical and all those things you’ve been dreaming of experiencing πŸ’œ

Third Eye Activation – Activates your third eye chakra (your psychic center) to turn up your intuition and your unique gifts.

Higher Self Embodiment Activation – Confidence floods in as your higher self comes down from your unique soul star and joins you on Earth.

Soul Mission Activation – Opens a quantum gateway allowing your life's purpose to be revealed. Move forward with confidence and clarity.

I was guided to add this bonus to help you call in the money that will assist you in making your soul mission a reality

Cash Money Activation - Money isn’t good or bad – it’s simply energy. And as you begin to embark on your life’s purpose, the universe WANTS to support you financially. Right now, it’s all about getting money in the hands of good-hearted people who will use it to DO good things in the world. Use this POWERFUL 30 minute activation to begin releasing your money blocks and activating a flow of financial abundance into your energy field. Then just sit back and relax as more money begins flooding into your life experience. 

Yes, I'm Ready To Discover My Soul Mission


πŸ’› Just by listening, you’re opening a quantum field for Source / God, your spirit guides, angels, etc. to move you into higher dimensions (4th & 5th) and onto the ascension timeline.



πŸ’› β€‹These are energy activations – they’re working on an energetic level - you don’t have to DO anything.



πŸ’› At between 12 – 20 minutes long, these audios have been created to easily fit into your day.



πŸ’› β€‹Downloadable MP3s

Soul Mission: Activation Sequence

Soul Mission: Activation Sequence is for you if you want more confidence, clear intuitive guidance, and a deep connection to the universe and your unique gifts — without wading through piles of books, journaling out your feelings till your eyes bleed or spending the next fifty years jumping from guru to guru and course to course, trying to find YOUR truth.

Click here to get access to your Soul Mission Energy Activations NOW!


πŸ’› I don't just teach this stuff; I actually use it. I use this EXACT system for myself and my students. In fact, these activations are a part of all my multi-thousand dollar programs - and the results have been incredible!


πŸ’› I'm not JUST an energy healer - I'm ALSO a best-selling spiritual awakening author with thousands of 5 star reviews.

 πŸ’› Not only I'm a QUANTUM ENERGY MASTER, but I'm also a mom and a wife. I've been channeling God / Source since 2011 and I have been exactly where you are – feeling lost, knowing that more must be possible, but too afraid to believe, trust and take action on my guidance. I GET IT!

πŸ’› β€‹β€‹I'm a REAL person from Indiana. I've created my dream life where I get to live from the depths of my soul, working (or playing) when and where I want. I retired my husband while making my dreams come true. I still stub my toes on the occasional doll or truck. I'm living proof that it's 110% possible to have it all. And I want you to have that too.

You deserve to have a life that lights you up, a home full of love and to inspire others as you become the force of nature you were born to be.


When you're tapped into your clear intuitive guidance , you'll never have to worry if you’re making the right decision in your life - you will simply know, to the depths of your soul πŸ’œ

How would your JOURNEY be different if you could...


πŸ’œ CONFIDENTLY receive clear intuitive guidance as often as you’d like.


πŸ’œ Know EXACTLY what action to take next, without worrying that you’re boxing yourself into a path you won’t love three months or a year from now.


πŸ’œ Effortlessly FLOOD your home with the energies of joy, love, peace and patience.


β€‹πŸ’œStop hiding your dreams deep down inside, where no one can see them – and actually become that person you dream of being.


β€‹πŸ’œNo more jumping from guru to guru hoping they’ll tell you the “one thing” you’ve been missing that will make it all click. 


πŸ’œ β€‹You may have been struggling with your confidence, your belief in your intuition or whether someone like you is really meant for more… until now.

Yes, I'm Ready To Discover My Soul Mission

You feel like you've tried everything, from READING BOOKSJOURNALINGHIRING ENERGY HEALERSREPEATING AFFIRMATIONS and MANTRAS, while being unable to relax because your leg itches) and posting your questions in facebook groups (only to get 35 different answers) and you're more confused now than you were when you started this journey.


... or maybe you've created plan after plan, only to let your doubts and fears stop you from following through.


... you have a tightness in your chest, knowing that the days have turned to months and years and still you haven’t made any headway in your dreams.

Click here to get access to your Soul Mission Energy Activations NOW!

There's a secret behind those "BIG NAME" spiritual leaders and how everything just seems to flow to them...


The secret's simple: Everyone in "flow" has stumbled onto the combination of elevating their energy field and mind as one.


Using a combination of quantum energy, guided meditation, affirmations, binural beats and visualizations, that's exactly what Soul Mission: Activation Sequence is designed to do - effortlessly elevate your energy field and mind as one.



πŸ’œ A clear vision of exactly how to get started or move forward on your soul mission.


πŸ’œ An inner glowing confidence, allowing you to consistently take action and show up for yourself – the universe rewards those who show up and take action.


πŸ’œ β€‹Activations that you can return to again and again, never needing to pay for a one-on-one energy session because these activations are QUANTUM - meaning they are just as potent in all nows as the now they were recorded in.


β€‹πŸ’œ Steps you can take to literally transform while you sleep.



Passionate about discovering your deepest truths and ready to connect in and flow with the universe.

Done burying your dreams deep down inside where no one can see them.

Sick of seeing others tapping into their intuition, going after their dreams and becoming
more successful than you.

If you've been wondering what you're missing.

Ready for it to be easier.



Deep down you don’t believe more is possible.

You are not willing to listen to an mp3 for 15 minutes a day.

You don't think living from your deepest truths is important.

I’m extremely proud of the energy products I create and I know anyone who buys them and listens to them will be thrilled with their experience.


That’s why I’m offering a 7 day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the audios, I will refund your money within 7 days of your purchase.




You are worth it. Your dreams are worth it. Your soul is worth it. Your fulfillment is worth it. You are enough. These energy activation audios won't change you, because you've always been enough. They'll simply activate that part of you that's been buried deep down inside, who KNOWS that you are enough.


Not only do you deserve to have your intuition activated to flow freely through you, you were DESIGNED to operate that way! Which means if you're trying to get through life without your intuition, you're driving with your eyes closed! Stop the madness! There IS a better way. This is it. Simple. Easy. Divine. Magic.

One-Time Payment


Soul Mission: Activation Sequence


Frequently Asked Questions

πŸ’› What happens when I purchase?


You will receive an email immediately after your purchase, giving you the link to access your membership portal with all of the files and videos.


πŸ’› How often am I supposed to listen?


Listen at least one time to each audio. But know this - the more your listen, the deeper you activate your intuition, confidence and life's purpose. I recommend once a day for at least 30 days.


πŸ’› What if I don’t feel energy?


No worries! Although many will feel energy right away during these activations, even if you don’t, it’s still working to activate codes within your energy field. As you continue to listen, you will begin feeling energy!


πŸ’› What should I expect when I listen?


A beautiful, unique experience that's created by the universe and your guides for YOUR highest good. Everyone will experience something different, and it will be what YOU need most in the moment. 

Please don’t listen when you’re driving or operating heavy machinery, as these audios may make you tired and you may fall asleep so that your physical body can begin to integrate these energetic changes.


πŸ’› Can I put these on my phone?


Yes, you’ll have access to download them immediately.


πŸ’› What if I decide this isn’t for me? 


I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 7 days of purchase. BUT, I KNOW how powerful this energy work is - I've sold thousands of energy activations and I've never had a refund request πŸ’œ


Take a deep breath and join me inside, where nothing will ever be the same ....



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