Weekly energy healing sessions PLUS classes and courses to increase your intuition, skyrocket your confidence, discover your life purpose, and be financially free.

The Ascension Healing Portal with Erin Werley

Accelerated ascension and activation of your soul gifts and hidden psychic abilities.


The Ascension Healing Portal is a sacred space and community that uses Quantum Energy Healing (ascension energy & higher dimensional beings like your angels and spirit guides) to support you in deepening your access to the ascension timeline and bringing your soul gifts to life. It's also a beautiful place to connect with a private telegram community of like-minded spiritual souls.

As a member, you'll receive $777 of monthly remote and live quantum energy healings to increase your intuition, skyrocket your confidence, discover your life purpose, and be financially free PLUS access to over $2,000 worth of energy activation meditations and classes. All designed to deeply activate your ascension and bring your soul gifts to life.

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1st Friday of the month: Remote Personal Energy healing, unlocking psychic gifts, and ascension.

*Friday healings are fully remote (no live call), so you are free to enjoy your day as Erin calls your soul and energy field into a sacred ceremony for healing and support to deepen your ascension and soul gifts.


2nd Friday of the month: Remote Energy Healing for career and money. The intention is to bring abundance and your soul mission to life.

3rd Friday of the month: Remote Healing and ascension energy for your home, belongings, car, electronics, and your entire internet footprint.


4th Friday of the month: Remote Energy Healing for love, deepening connection to those who are meant to be in your world and/or releasing those who are no longer aligned as guided by your soul blueprint. Calling in your soul tribe and soulmate.

Receive an exclusive invitation to join Erin live on zoom on the 3rd Sunday of every month for a powerful sacred energy ceremony.

PLUS  - IMMEDIATE access to over $2000 worth of classes and energy activation meditations

Abundance Masterclass & Energy Activation Meditation

Vision Masterclass & Energy Activation Meditation

Gratitude Energy Activation Meditation

How To Uplevel Masterclass & Energy Activation Meditation

Life Purpose Masterclass & Energy Activation Meditation

Trusting the Universe Masterclass & Energy Activation Meditation

New Earth Transition Masterclass & Energy Activation Meditation

Freedom Masterclass & Energy Activation Meditation

Balancing Body, Mind, and Energy Field

Creativity Masterclass & Energy Activation Meditation

Trust Your Heart Masterclass & Energy Activation Meditation

Create a New Beginning Masterclass & Energy Activation Meditation

Energy Swings Masterclass & Energy Activation Meditation


Masterclass & Energy Activation Meditation

Creating a Sanctuary

Masterclass & Energy Activation Meditation


Masterclass & Energy Activation Meditation

The Visionary

Learn how to create a vision for yourself so strong, that no fear will shake it.

Opt OUT of the Matrix Masterclass & Energy Meditation

Money Energetics

Calibrate to Wealth

New Earth Energetics

This is the transition to New Earth - it’s a transition in our hearts and minds first.

SoulStar Energetics

How to heal at the point of creation VS. traditional energy healing that only works on the human level.

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