5 Common Lightwork Mistakes

Feb 22, 2022

When I first started doing energy work, or lightwork, I made a lot of mistakes. At the time, I was frustrated. I couldn’t figure out why other people were having such great results, while I was struggling.


Now, I know that these mistakes were gifts. They forced me to go deeper than inside myself and learn so much more beyond what I was being taught by my mentors. I developed my own, unique practice that has had phenomenal results for hundreds of clients and students.


I’m so excited to share some of this real magic with you, in the hopes that you take this information and become who you are destined to be.


Here are the top 5 mistakes lightworkers are making, and what you should do instead:


1. Putting other beings on a pedestal. 


We are all one. One source. One experience. This means that you are God, and there’s nothing and no one more powerful than you. Unless you choose to give your power away to other entities. 


This is a really common teaching and it breaks my heart. The highest dimensions can only be unlocked when you’re standing firmly in your god self and your sovereignty. Lightwork is meant for those who know who they really are. Unfortunately, most people are still requesting the help of entities, like angels, spirits and ascended masters, not realizing that they are equals. When you do lightwork commanding from your God-self, the universe gets up and moves for you. You work WITH these beings, if you choose, but never at their mercy.


 2. Not shielding. 


An energetic shield is good practice on a daily basis, but it’s a necessity when you’re doing lightwork. Unfortunately, most teachers don’t realize this. Mine didn’t, and I ended up taking on the energy and low vibrational entity attachments of the first person I practiced on. It was horrible. 


My teacher, like so many, had explained to me that as long as I was coming from a place of love, nothing could hurt me. This turned out to be completely wrong. An energetic shield protects you from low vibrational entities you may be removing from others and it also protects you from negative thoughts being sent your way, and so much more. 


This is such an important step that I want to make it really, really easy for you. To learn more about energy shielding and to download a free energy shield mp3, click here.


3. Letting fear stop you.


Energy work, especially the Quantum Lightwork that I’ve developed, is brand new to most people. I find, especially with my students, that there’s a fear of not being able to do it in the beginning, simply because they’ve never done it before.


That’s why it’s so important to remember that we didn’t know how to do anything in our lives before we did it for the first time. We didn’t know how to walk until we tried. Yes, we fell, lots of times, but we finally got the hang of it.


We didn’t know how to read before we tried. Again, we made a ton of mistakes, but we figured it out eventually. 


Same with driving. With our first day at a new job. Everything was new to us until we did it, over and over again.


The only reason lightwork feels different is because with walking, reading, driving, etc., everyone else told us we’d be able to do it. Everyone else was doing it, so it seemed true that we would too.


But with lightwork, you probably don’t have anyone (and if you do, that’s awesome!) in your life doing it. You don’t have anyone else to look at and know it’s possible.


But, I promise you, it is. That’s why I’ve developed my courses, Lightworkers 101 and Quantum Lightwork Academy, the way that I have. To help you with everything, including mindset and lots of love and support.


If you’re feeling called to energy work, there is a reason. Don’t give up, like I did years ago because I felt overwhelmed. I only had a book from the library and no mentor. It felt impossible. I wasted years, believing I wouldn’t be able to do it. About 7 years later, the desire had never left me, and so I took a deep breath and hired my first teacher. 


Now I know that lightwork is for EVERYONE. It is as natural as breathing, when you learn it the real, quantum way. If you have a pulse, you can do lightwork. Trust your intuition and where you’re being led. You are more needed than you may realize.


4. Lightwork is all about healing or manifesting or just for fun. 


Lightwork is so much more than any one thing. For most of us, it’s the missing piece of the puzzle. It’s a vital part of us, as we are pure energy beings. Not realizing it is the reason that people tend to hit a wall, even if they’re doing mindset work and taking care of their body. There are three main parts of you, your mind, your physical body and your energy field. If you ignore your energy field, everything starts falling apart. It’s exactly the same if you ignore your body. Eventually, everything starts falling apart. 


Lightwork is not extra, and it’s not something to be done only when you’re sick or depressed. It’s as important to spend a few minutes daily on lightwork as it is to eat or drink water. In fact, this will help you stay in optimal shape as a whole being. 


Yes, lightwork can heal. Yes, lightwork can supercharge your manifestations. Yes, lightwork can be incredibly fun. Yes, lightwork can unlock the key to a deep sense of fulfillment. It is all of these things and so much more.


5. Lightwork is all about making your life better.


This isn’t a mistake, really, because it is true that lightwork makes your life better. But if you think that’s all it does, you’re missing the mark, big time.


Lightwork is deep, deep service to the collective. Every time you perform lightwork, you raise your vibration (which is why it’s such a powerful way to manifest, heal and feels amazing). Since we are all connected within the quantum field, in fact, we are all one, which is why we are all God. When you raise your vibration, you raise the vibration of the collective. Of all of us. 


People whose eyes are firmly shut to the mysteries of the universe, you raise their vibration, too. When you do this practice regularly, you begin to anchor light into the earth, raising the vibration of the planet. 


There is no deeper service than this. With lightwork, you change the world, without lifting a finger, from the comfort of your home. 


I would love to help guide you to the most powerful lightwork available on the planet. Here’s how you can continue the journey with me.


Free shielding mp3: Click here to download

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