How To Move Through The Stages of Grief On The Way to Creating the Dream Version of You

May 11, 2022


Did you know that when you’re choosing to move into the next level, higher vibrational version of you, that it’s completely normal and expected to move through the stages of grief?


This is because who you were is literally dying to make space for who you are becoming.

You are mourning this version of you who has gotten you this far. Of course you are. You loved parts of this version of you. And at one time, you dreamed of becoming this current version of you.

But your life has marched on, and you feel something bigger bubbling up to be grabbed with both hands.


The first stage of grief is denial, and when most people go after their dreams, they stop with denial. They let their current version tell them all the reasons they’re not meant for more. They put their dreams back on the shelf and retreat into the safety of the known version of them. Sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s comfortable.


I did this for YEARS. And you know what? It SUCKS. It’s very much the feeling of being trapped, with no way out.


Eventually, if you keep your dream in sight, if you keep pulling it down off the shelf, you’ll move from denial to anger. And you’ll get really, really mad at all the conditions keeping you stuck and at all the people and things that are trying to move you forward.


If you’re angry, this is great news! You’ve chosen to continue through the stages of grief, which really means THIS time, you’re choosing the dream version of you.


Move that anger out of your body. Express it. Let it go.


Now, you’ll probably move into sadness. Awesome! This is another great sign that your dream is getting closer. Cry. If you can’t cry, watch a sad movie, with the intention to cry. Get that sadness out of your body. Move it out. Express it. Then let it go.


Somewhere in there, you’ll try to bargain, to keep the old you and have the new you at the same time.


But the truth is, you can’t have both. You have to choose.


We’re always choosing. Because we are God and we create with every thought we think, we are choosing all day long every day. Even if we are choosing not to uplevel to our next level self, that is still a choice and still a creation.

So remember, you’re going to go through these stages on the way to your next level self. Own them. Love them. Move through them. So do it: bargain. Get it out. Express it. Then let it go.


Eventually, you’ll arrive at acceptance. And believe me, if you get yourself to acceptance, you’re a warrior. You are the best of the best and deserve every bit of that dream version of you.
It’s available to ALL of us, but we have to choose it.

So, how bad do you want it? Enough to move through grief to acceptance?

Prove it. Move through it. Every day, choose the dream version of you. 

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And remember, YOU are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined.