How To Start A Spiritual Business

Oct 06, 2022

Hi I'm Erin!


I've built a spiritual, soul aligned business that generates a lot of money, but I've also made a ton of mistakes that didn't align with my soul. And I got to wondering what if I could show you how to avoid all those mistakes and build a business that lights you up from the inside and sets your soul on fire without all of the trial and error and money wasted?


I woke up one morning and my inner guidance was clear: give away the keys to the kingdom: show heart led individuals how to create a massively successful online business from scratch, step by step, a to z. And give it to them for free.


Over the last three years, I've spent over $150,000 on high level courses and mentorship from the biggest names in online business and course creation and I’ve decided to create the ULTIMATE blog post series to simplify exactly what you need to do to get started and have removed all the fluff that you don't need. This is going to save you YEARS of trial and error.


How To Create An Intuitive Business Plan


Before you get started with anything, you need a plan, so that’s where we’ll start. Get out a notebook, a journal, a piece of paper or a blank document on your computer and journal out the following questions.


Have fun with it, this is about dreaming big, not about playing it safe. If you’re going to create your spiritual business from what makes sense from your human perspective, you’ve already lost the game. A spiritual business is a magical unicorn that makes no logical sense at all. It’s a flow directly from your soul and God/Source. It’s actually easier than you may think to find this flow part of you. Dream big, then dream bigger still. As big as your imagination can go. Then, when you’re imagining that big, expanded version of you, ask yourself what is her dream?


If you’d like more help with writing from your soul, I wrote a badass article about doing exactly that over here: How To Write From Your Soul (


I explain planning your business like this: most people are too afraid to dream big, and so they do not engage their soul, which is the source of their creative spirit. Their business becomes a job, they loose their passion and do not feel the fulfillment they were hoping for and burn out.


Luckily, you’ve found me, you’re an absolute genius, and you’re going to avoid all of that!


When I started my business, I really, really, really wanted to live ocean front in Florida. I dreamed about it every day, visualizing myself waking up every morning and walking outside to the beach, putting my kids to sleep at night and then leaving them with a babysitter as my husband and I took a moonlight stroll through the waves. This gave me all of the magical feels.


For the first year of my business, this was a daily daydream for me - I scheduled time in for it, on purpose, because it wasn’t just a daydream - I was consciously creating my future. And I was lit up in my business. I was on fire. I could feel that beach house stronger and stronger every day.


Then, one day, I started wondering how. How was I going to get a beach house. And I started talking myself into a house on a lake instead. One closer to my home in Indiana. On paper, this made so much sense. It was the more practical option. Yes, that was it, a lakehouse. I could get there so much sooner, then I could dream of the beach house.


There was only one problem, and it was a big one. I wasn’t able to get into the visualization, because it wasn’t the heart’s desire of my soul. It was me settling for less than my heart’s desire.


Humans tend to do this a lot. I tell you this because you absolutely can have a successful spiritual business a thousand different ways - infinite different ways.


But if you want that successful spiritual business to light you up from the inside and set your soul on fire, don’t settle in your dreams. Dream big and bold, so big and bold it scares the crap out of you. So big and bold, that when you visualize it you’re swept away in the magic of it all.


You’re going to journal the following questions, with the intention to be deeply honest with yourself about what you really want. Take the time to really do this, because it’s how you create an intuitive business plan.


  • WHY am I starting a spiritual business?

  • What do I want this business to do for me? How will my life be changed by this business?

  • What impact will this business make on the people it touches?

  • What services or products do I WANT to offer (don’t worry one bit about what you’re qualified to offer or good enough to offer, what do you WANT to offer?)

  • How many hours a week do you want to work on your business?

  • How much money do you have to invest in your business? (Credit counts too, if it’s available to use on the business - I put $40,000 on credit cards when I started my business, and I’m so grateful that credit was available to me - it was a gift from the universe that I had worked so hard to access. In fact, most self made millionaires and even billionaires used debt to get where they are, and continue to use it. There’s no shame in debt if you’re using it grow, no matter what anyone else says or thinks. In truth, things like debt are meaningless and only have the meaning each one of us gives them individually.)

  • What’s the dream version of you do to get the world out about your business? Do you write blogs, make videos, use social media? The question here is not what seems most comfortable - a business is truly the most expansive journey ever. The question is what will expand you the most into the dream version of you - who is confident and shining her bright light on the world?


The answers to these questions are your business plan, believe it or not - not nearly that hard, right? The truth of the matter is that as a spiritual entrepreneur, you’re going to be letting your inner guidance, your intuition, lead the way. But if you plan everything out in advance, from A-Z, like is taught in traditional business planning, you’re shooting your magic in the foot, because there’s no room left to move with your guidance.


A loose idea of where you’re going is best. The dream version of you is plenty. You need to know two things to get started. 1. Your next step. 2. The dream version of you, which is your goal that you’re essentially driving the airplane of your businesses to. Otherwise, you’ll be flying around in circles in the sky, wondering why you’re not getting anywhere.


While you’ve got to write out who in the world the dream version of you is, I’m happy to provide your next step. After you’ve done the journaling exercises above to create your extremely official intuitive business plan, click here to go to the next article in the series, Do I Need A Website For My Spiritual Business?


Do I Need A Website For My Spiritual Business?


After you journal out your answers to these questions, take a minute and ask yourself if you’ll need a website? Some businesses don’t need one to start out. If you’ll be selling tarot card readings on social media, you don’t need a website to start unless you want one. You can simply offer a paypal link for clients to purchase. Your social media account will stand in place of a website.


However, keep in mind that if your only online presence is social media, you do not own it. Everything you create and share is owned by the big social media platform, and they can and do shut down accounts for the most bizarre reasons every single day.


I love having my own website, because it’s mine. It’s my creation and I get to play with it, change it when I feel like it, make it mine, and I KNOW that all the time and energy I put into it won’t be wasted by someone else pulling the plug.


For most spiritual businesses, it makes sense to start with a website. Honestly. There’s a lot of messaging out there about not needing one anymore, but I don’t really buy it. You may not need one, but think of it like a business card - it gives you credibility.


A website is literally you declaring to the world - I am an expert at this thing. No one else is going to declare you an expert, it has to be you who goes first, then the universe and everyone in it will respond.


I have tried so many different mail service providers and website platforms it would make your head spin!


I HIGHLY recommend starting with an all in one platform like Kajabi, ESPECIALLY if you plan on offering courses. Unfortunately, when I started my business, I’d never heard of Kajabi, and so my backend (all of the behind the scenes tech stuff) was a literal nightmare. And I didn’t really understand any of it. I had to hire freelancers on upwork who often didn’t know what they were doing and I burned through so much money and wasted so much time trying to make all the different platforms I used talk to each other - my website, email service provider (so that I could send emails to my email list and sell them things) and my course hosting platform, not to mention my sales page builder.


It was a nightmare, because something complicated (and expensive) called zaps needed to be implemented to connect it all.


I’ve worked with dozens of experts to connect all of the above, and the ironic thing is that they often take weeks to do the connecting and don’t know how to do it much better than me.


Take my advice and go with an all in one platform like Kajabi. Yes, it cost a bit more, but by the time you add the cost of all the other pieces together, it is a bargain. Not to mention the time it will save you. I’ve partnered with Kajabi to get you a discount code, which you can click here to access.


If you’re not able to spend that much and want to offer courses or digital products, this is the next best method and avoids zaps:


Build your website on Squarespace. Use mailchimp (free for the first 2,000 contacts) for your email service provider. They will give you a webpage that you can link to get email sign ups. Use Teachable (free if you don’t mind them taking a 10% cut of your course sales - which may be the best option if you’re truly starting on a low budget) to host your courses. You can also simply link the teachable sales page to your squarespace site or from social media. With this second method, you’ll pay Squarespace about $20 a month, and that’s it, to get started.


Unless you are a tech genius, you’ll probably want to get some help building your website. Squarespace and Kajabi both come with a ton of templates and are fairly intuitive to use, but honestly I wouldn’t waste the considerable hours it would take you to do all this on your own. Hire someone to take this off your plate. You can get it done for a few hundred dollars on or pay 5-10k like I did to a professional website designer who will make something stunning and show stopping.


However, I then changed my website a year later, and now know that when you’re getting started, you don’t need a super fancy, expensive website. You simply do not know that much about your business and where your intuition will take you before you’ve started, and so waiting about 6 months to a year to invest many thousands in website design is a smart idea, even if you have plenty of cash to burn. This way, when you do invest in the website, you have a much better idea of what your business is, what it does and who your best customers are.


Honestly, whatever gets you started is the right move. Don’t worry about what you can’t have yet, do the best with what you can. As your business makes money, you will reinvest part of that money and you can upgrade your website then if you feel called.


In the next article in the How To Start A Spiritual Business Series, we’ll talk about what you put on your website click here to read it.


How To Build A Spiritual Blog Website 


Oh my goodness, this is so exciting!!! You’re creating a website and blog - you are amazing and you’re going to light up the world! I’m celebrating you BIG TIME!


Don’t forget to celebrate how far you’ve come on your journey. Keep one foot in gratitude for who you are right now and one foot in desire for the dream version of you, living her dream life.


After you’ve decided on either Kajabi or Squarespace to build your website, (click here if you’re not sure which one to use) you’ll need to gather all the information to put on it to give to your website designer (yes, just get one, even if you only pay $100 to someone on fiverr, like I did at one point, it will get you started soooo much faster and easier).


The funny thing is, when I built my website, I thought if I paid a website designer, they would handle it all for me.


First I paid $100 and later I paid $5,000.


And both times, I was shocked - they wanted me to do all the work! I’m not being sarcastic here, I really was shocked. I don’t know why, but I was.

There was a very long form for me to fill out. I had to decide how many pages would be on my website and what would go on them. The words (which I now know is called copy), the pictures, the links, all of it was supposed to come out of my head.


The only problem was, I had NO IDEA what any of the answers should be.


And this was after taking Elite Blog Academy with Ruth Soukup, which was my first online investment in myself. She taught me all about how to blog online (sort of) but I was still completely overwhelmed by all of the details and doing a ton of google searches trying to figure it out.


Details are important. Details are what will separate your website and blog from everyone else’s, because most people just do whatever. I’m going to show you how to position yourself as the spiritual expert, so that you’re the obvious choice for whatever it is you do.


Because the truth is, it has to be YOU who proclaims to the world that you’re the expert. No one else will do this for you. And your virtual business card is your website and blog.


The good news is that you are ready right now to be the expert - because you are YOU. And whatever experiences you have had in life have not been an accident - they have perfectly prepared you to go forth into the world and be an expert in being further along than others in all the things you’re further along than others in. I’m completely serious here, too!


The biggest thing is not to get too caught up in needing to have it be perfect right away. I certainly wanted my first website to be perfect. I even paid someone to write the copy for me, because I was so nervous I wouldn’t do good enough since I never wrote website copy before (and I’m a writer!). I hated what this person wrote and rewrote it all and now I NEVER pay anyone to write copy for me (because I use the words of my soul to attract soul aligned clients - if you’d love to learn how to do this, join me in Quantum Money Business Blueprint link).


Plus, building a website and business is a process of finding yourself, of accelerated spiritual development (or at least it can be if you’re doing it right!) so this means that you’re going to make lots of changes as you learn and grow. Don’t put any unnecessary pressure on yourself in the beginning to do it perfectly before you get started. You literally can’t do it perfectly when you’re new to it (because you’ve never done it before and you haven’t ironed out all the details about your business and where your soul is leading you - you likely have more questions than answers right now about what you’re doing and where you’re going, but you do feel a calling to put yourself out there to change your life and inspire millions of others to do the same.) Through the process of doing the thing before you feel ready, every single time, you’ll turn yourself into a badass, and somewhere along the way, you’ll find yourself, your soul mission and become ready, at which point you’ll know the key to all of this business business is that you should always start before you’re ready, because that’s the ONLY way to ever become ready.


Here’s the pages I recommend you start with on your website:


  1. Homepage - Tell people what you sell, straight up, no cushion. Be proud of what you sell. You’re creating it to change lives, right? Plus, the more excited you are about the thing that you sell, the more excited others will be. If you sell a physical product, put a picture of that physical product here. If you’re selling services, coaching or courses, put a picture of yourself on it, even if you don’t want to under any circumstances at all. People want to feel a personal connection with the creator of the website. Just do it. I remember when I was getting started I considered everything from a stock picture of some random girl to a cartoon version of me. In the end, I pulled my pants up and threw my own picture up there. You do not need to be a model to put your picture on your website. In fact, it’s WAY better if you’re simply you - this is the key to soul client attraction. (If you want to know how to comfortably take awesome website pictures yourself, without all the nervousness of a photographer looking at you, I wrote an article all about it here - including how I wasted about $1000 taking perfect pictures I couldn’t use in the beginning of my journey, and how my best pictures ended up costing me $20 - this is the method I still swear by today).

  2. About - Tell people about you. The more honest you are about who you are, the more soul aligned clients you’ll attract. People want to know you - the real you, not the perfect version of you who has never made any mistakes. If you stub your toe daily, but have figured out how to move through your shit, then soulmate clients will believe you can help them, too. But if you’ve never made a single mistake (in their eyes, because you’re only saying the good stuff) then they won’t relate to you at all and won’t believe you can help them, because they know they make all kinds of mistakes. After you tell them who you were before you figured out how to deal with your shit, tell them how you can help them and how passionate you are about it. Believe it or not, your about you section shouldn’t be all about you. It’s a great opportunity to sell potential clients on working with you. If you think about googling something, and then landing on a blog, don’t you usually want to see a picture of the person who wrote it? I do! I have no idea why, but it’s part of how we connect with others. It’s the same reason that books have a picture of the author on the back cover.

  3. Blog - I highly, highly recommend starting a blog, even if you’re planning on doing social media or some other method of bringing in clients. If your website is your business card, your blog takes it to the next level and showcases you as the expert who knows it all - don’t worry, it’s ok if you don’t know everything, the point is that you know more than the person searching for the information you’ve picked up in the course of your lifetime. It also will begin to bring in clients if you do it with that intention in mind. You don’t have to write an article daily. Once a month or once a week is fine, just decide how often you’ll write and be consistent. Think of the kinds of questions you’ve googled on your journey to be an expert in that thing you’re selling. These are the exact kinds of questions that potential clients and readers will be googling and looking up on pinterest so they are the perfect subjects for your blog. Blogging is an entire thing on its own, and maybe I will create a series on that in the future.

  4. Shop - Here’s where you sell the things, whether coaching services or physical products, make it incredibly easy for people who fall in love with your words to buy from you.

  5. Contact - Give people a way to get in touch with you and ask you questions.


My two favorite resources for assisting you on this website journey are ( and I wasted thousands of dollars hiring freelancers to create creative images and web designs before I stumbled on these two websites and found out I could do it myself for free or for a very low cost. Now, I have assistants who do all the creative graphics, but for the first two years of my business, I used these sites and I was pretty happy with everything I created.


You may want to use some stock photos as well (I recommend for free pictures, but there are a ton of paid sites as well like - if you use one of these you may wonder about the license, I’ve only ever needed the basic license).


So, to get your website built and your blog up and running, get your graphics and pictures gathered, write your copy - remembering you can always change it along the way, done is much better than perfect, pick a website host - I recommend Kajabi if you can afford it or squarespace if you’re on a budget - click here to sign up with my discount code), pick a domain name, and hire a website designer - and are great places to get this done on a small budget.


I’m so excited for you!


 Erin Werley is a bestselling author at the forefront of spiritual awakening and ascension. Her books, One Truth, One Law: I Am, I Create and Lightworkers 101 simplify the concepts of oneness, manifestation, and energy. She has been channeling God since 2011. She uses quantum energy healing lightwork to transform your energetic footprint and move you on to the ascension timeline. Her mission is to welcome you to the ascension. Excited to learn how? Click here.