Weekly Guidance January 17, 2023

Jan 17, 2023

This guidance came through in the monthly Quantum Lightwork Academy call yesterday and I immediately knew it needed to be shared in a big way.

This week it's about MUCH more than weekly guidance.

It’s your path through the transition to New Earth and into New Earth.

It’s the blueprint for your highest timeline in 2023.

And it’s deeply layered. There are more energetic codes within this message than I’m currently aware of, but I know that the codes that are activated within you today as you read these words will keep downloading information to you, long after you read it. 

You’re being offered deeper access to the bright light that is the sun. With the new energy that is available to humanity and the Earth in the last week, comes the knowing that we aren’t going back to the old Earth. 


The transition is not yet complete, but we are firmly on our way. Below are the 7 steps to move through the transition and arrive on the New Earth. 


Some of you will be starting at step 1, while others may have already been moving through these steps and be continuing their journey somewhere in the middle of the steps. 


Some will arrive at step 7 towards the end of this year. Others will arrive in the next few years. 


The timing is not important, the knowing and trusting that this is happening is all that matters.


Step 1: It’s time to become multidimensional, to play in the nonphysical world of universal mind. Whether this is a guided meditation or your own imagination, take the time to connect in deeper than before. Your individual job is to choose to shine bright. To reach for the sun and the stars. To be willing to connect into more beyond the physical. To dream your big, beautiful dreams. 


Step 2: This will lead in the gears of the universe turning in your favor, creating a new, higher timeline experience. 


Step 3: From this place, you will begin to explore your passion and creativity from a place of, “this is enjoyable, and it brings me joy.” Some of you will paint, others will write, and still others will sing or dance. Some of you will grow food, some will knit, some will walk and paint the clouds in the sky with their imaginations. It does not matter what you do. It’s the not what. It’s the feeling you have while you’re doing it.


Find that thing that you lose all track of time in. The thing do simply for the joy it brings you.


Don’t fear if you’ve tried before and failed to find it.


Divine timing is here!


The energy we are in is much different than the energy that’s existed before, and outcomes that once seemed impossible will begin falling in line with ease.


When you find this thing that brings you joy in the doing, do it simply for the joy. Not because it may bring you anything else in return. But simply because you feel alive while you’re doing it, and when you’re not doing it, you can’t wait to return to it.


Step 4: This passion is going to light up your entire life, bringing joy to you and improving relationships with your loved ones as it raises your energetic frequency. Take time to celebrate yourself!!!


Step 5: Eventually, as time moves on, you will come to think of this passion as a craft, and begin to move towards consciously sharing it with others. You will enjoy this immensely, because you will wait for divine timing to arrive, once again.


Step 6: When you move into this stage of consciously sharing your passion, that thing that lights you up, the old world version of you will die and you will be reborn fully into your New Earth self. It will not be a literal death, but a last and final release of that which no longer aligns to who you came to Earth to be. 


Step 7: You will stand on the New Earth as the magician, in the beauty of infinite possibilities, fully knowing, understanding and wielding your own power, the power of the Earth and the power of the universe we live in.


Don’t rush it. Don’t try to skip the steps in this message. Let it unfold divinely, in divine timing.


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And remember, YOU are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined 💜






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