Weekly Guidance May 16, 2023

May 16, 2023

My husband Phil loves going to thrift stores and searching for books and records. Sometimes, he brings home a board game for our family or something else that is pretty awesome. He loves hunting for buried treasure!


He was out thrifting a few days ago and he told me this story. Even before he was finished telling it to me, I KNEW I was supposed to share it with you.


There are no accidents, no coincidences.


He had found a few books he wanted to buy, and was pushing his cart towards the checkout counter when one of the wheels stopped moving. It wouldn’t budge and the cart locked up. Frustrated, he took a deep breath.


Then, all of the sudden, he remembered he meant to look at the homegoods before he left. I’d been wanting a set of stainless steel mixing bowls to replace our plastic ones. He’d been looking the last few times he’d gone thrift shopping for me.


So he pushed at the cart again, and this time, the wheel was fine. He went back to the homegoods and found a set of very expensive stainless steel bowls. I looked them up online and they cost over $300 new.


They had a sticker price of $3, but it was half price day. So he paid $1.50!


He grabbed the bowls, and headed to the checkout. No more wheel issues.


If the wheel hadn’t stuck (in perfect divine timing!), he would have left the store without finding the bowls.


This was a beautiful reminder to me. 


The setbacks, the slow downs, the frustrations, they’re not happening for no reason.


They’re happening to give us time to receive what we’ve been asking for.


For the information to drop down that we’ve forgotten or haven’t been paying attention to.


EVERYTHING, even the stuck wheels, is ALWAYS happening for us. 


Sometimes, when the stars align, we get to see almost instantly how it’s happening for us.


More often, it takes time and a shift in perspective to see how that slowdown or setback was a blessing.


I’m grateful to have this almost instant story to share with you. AND I’m grateful for you and our journey on Earth together!


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And remember, YOU are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined 💜





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